The Desperation of a Public Library

I too raise a glass to Chuck Finley. Perhaps if he (they) hadn’t been quite so obvious he (they) might have got away with it. maybe 1,001 books?

Kristen Twardowski

These days public libraries operate on desperation as often as they run on anything else. This recently drove several library staff to do something a little reckless.

Culling library collections often relies on numbers. If a patron checks out a book, that book is safe in the system. If a book isn’t checked out for a certain period of time, however, that book is often placed on a to-be-culled list. These lists don’t take into account whether or not a book is considered a classic, was written by a famous author, or has regional value. It only looks at circulation numbers.

To get around this system, several librarians at Florida’s East Lake County Library created a fictitious library patron, Chuck Finley. Named after a retired major league baseball pitcher, Finley would be their savior. During 2016, Finley checked out 2,361 books from the library. These books varied and included titles by…

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Building a Foundation

Foundation's Edge & Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, published in novel form in 1951-53 was first conceived as a series of short stories in the 1940s. [See Complete in themselves and as a unit, the three novels did not need a follow-up. Asimov turned his attention to other matters. Apart …

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History of the Future

The Foundation Novels by Isaac Asimov 'There were nearly twenty-five million inhabited planets in the Galaxy then, and not one but owed allegiance to the Empire ... It was the last half-century in which that could be said.' Isaac Asimov is one of my all-time favourite writers. Not only can he spin a great yarn …

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Classic Reviews – Free Book

For the last few days, I've been busy collecting together some of my earliest reviews into a little book, which I have now published on Amazon Kindle.   The book is now available at: and other Amazon sites, and if you would like a copy, you'll be able to download it FREE from …

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