Challenging an Empire

The Tiger and the Cauldron

New Edition

” Doquz had seen death and violence before but never had it filled her with such horror. Though Jahan had relaxed his hold, she was for a moment unable to move. Then something snapped inside her brain. Instead of fear and disgust, she was filled with terrible rage. She wrenched herself free of her persecutor, rolled onto her side and drew the little dagger fully from its sheathe. She slashed upwards, connecting with flesh.

” Jahan screamed. “

I am pleased to announce that the brand new digital edition of my historical adventure/romance, The Tiger and the Cauldron is now for sale on several platforms. The official release date is January 31st, but the book can be preordered.

A paperback version will be available soon.

” ‘I underestimated you, Doquz,’ said the Il-khan. He had heard stories but it had never occurred to him to believe them. Still, a woman with a man’s appetites might be a worthy challenge. His eyes lingered on her slim body. “

New cover for the E-Book

Both versions have maps and include the family tree of Genghis Khan and his successors, as well as historical notes on the real life characters.

” The tiger leapt over the ledge. The garden vanished. Now Nadia was looking down on a wasteland of sand, rock and decaying vegetation. The black cauldron was still there, pouring forth its contents into a wide river that wended its way through grey gorges and over the featureless landscape. On the far side was a human figure shrouded in grey. “

New Paperback Cover

The new e-book is available to pre-order on the following sites:

Barnes & Noble




Also coming to Apple Books, Scribd, Borrowbox and others.

” Nimble as he was, he was not nimble enough. The outlaw youth recovered from his momentary disadvantage. His scimitar flashed upwards and Hassan caught just a gleam of the steel as with split-second timing it descended again in an unerring sweep across his breast. At first, he felt only the shock of humiliation and the pervading fear of death. These emotions were followed by a burning pain in his abdomen and the overwhelming desire to vomit.

” The outlaw captain was on his knees a few paces away. Though he still grasped the hilt of his sabre, he had let his shield fall. His left arm hung loose and bright red blood ran freely from the sleeve of his corslet, through his fingers into the dry stony ground. “


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