Ghosts in the Midi

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by Kate Mosse

The first time I read this novel, I learned it was the second book of the author’s Languedoc Trilogy. Two of its minor characters, I was informed, had appeared in the first novel, Labyrinth. As I hadn’t read the latter, I put the information into storage. It didn’t seem especially relevant.

Now that I have read Labyrinth(more than once) and gone back to Sepulchre after a lapse of a few years, I haven’t changed my opinion. The connection is easily ignored and Sepulchre is an excellent standlone in its own right. It is a book that can be read two or three times: as historical fiction, ghost story and riveting thriller.


The fates of two women, their lives separated by a century of history, are connected to a mysterious ruined tomb in the Languedoc.

The novel begins in Paris where, on 16th September 1891…

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