Wine, Chocolate and Sex . . . #5#

Sweet Entanglement

Today, I’m posting the final taster/teaser from Sweet Entanglement, my forthcoming novel. The narrator is once again Andy.


“Something wakes me from a sound sleep. A noise from outside is my first thought, perhaps a nighthawk or a nocturnal animal foraging for food. I peer through half-closed eyelids. The room is in darkness apart from a narrow shaft of light, shining through the gap I left in the curtains and casting the shadow of a bedpost on the nearest wall. All I can hear now is the low murmur of the air-con.

As my senses become more alert, I catch a whiff of cologne, a trace of the perfume worn by Margie when she was last in the room. I’m aware of another sound, a breath of air or the faintest hint of rustling in the pitch-blackness at the far end of the room. Something flits from the shadows into the band of light from the window.

Startled, I snap my eyes open, feeling for but failing to locate the switch on the standard lamp. There is a swish of silk. The scent of perfume is intoxicating now, too strong for a remnant.

‘Margie!’ My hand is still probing for the lamp switch.

‘Sshh!’ she hisses in my ear. ‘You’ll wake the house.’

As my eyes become used to the gloom, there is enough light to see her. She is wearing only a nightdress, thigh-length and black or a dark colour of red or blue. Now I’m fully alert.

‘What are . . .?’

She lifts a corner of the single sheet covering me and slips underneath. I feel the texture of her garment against my side, smooth and seductive, her gentle breath on my face.

‘Please hold me, Ravel.’

Certainty eludes me and I should resist.But temptation is too strong. I put my arm around her and pull her towards me, enjoying the cool of her body against my hot skin.”

Character Biography – Dr Margery Chapman

Margie is an Oxford girl. She is twenty-nine years old, the youngest of four children and works at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. Her parents live on Long Island. Reeling from a divorce from a husband who cheated on her, Margie met Andy while he was studying for his doctorate in England.


Sweet Entanglement will be available from 30th April at the following ebook stores:



Barnes and Noble

Apple Books


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