Happy New Year!

I do hope you all had a pleasant Christmas holiday!

I haven’t been thincover from amazonking too much about blogging over the past few days, being pretty much occupied with launching my new book, It’s a Fantasy World!, which is out on Amazon now. ** However, I have been reading some detective stories (three in all in different styles) which I will be reviewing in the new year. Today I’m just going to sit back and relax – maybe go out for dinner – and tomorrow celebrate the New Year with a glass or two of wine and a mince pie.

[** It’s a Fantasy World !Exploring the Best Fantasy of Page and Screen – is available as a Kindle book from all the Amazon sites round the world. Parts of it have featured as book reviews on Bookheathen’s Right to Read over the past couple of years but there is lots more.]

Meantime I’d like to wish all my fellow bloggers a very happy, healthy and successful 2016 when it arrives at  midnight (whenever that happens to be in your country)!



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