Poetry, poetry everywhere …..

Dedicated to Coleridge:

(Tomorrow, October 3rd is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom.)

Why must we have poetry
Morning, noon and night?
A media game?
For shame –
Verse to schedule can’t be right!
Inspiration is expected.
True Art shall have its way.
Dawn breaks.
The Artist wakes,
Says “I’ll write a poem today!”
Inspiration flows like treacle,
Thick, black and sickly sweet.
Time flies.
The Artist sighs
And gazes at an empty sheet.
“Why does the Muse stay silent?”
Cries he, pale, distraught.
“A word! A breath!
A theme! Love? Death?”
She heeds him not.
“A rhyme!” He cries again “A theme!
Good or Evil? Joy or Sorrow?”
The Goddess heeds.
She pleads
“Write your poem tomorrow.
To make it National Poetry Day
Your rulers have conspired.
A game
In Poetry’s name –

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